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Peregryn Tales

Cresida Peregryn
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Community World Building Project:

This community will build a world through a series of stories. Stories can be in the format of historical tales, folk tales, myths, legends, anecdotes from character perspective, or simply landscape vignettes to build areas of the world.

At the inception of this project, no cultures or countries have yet been conceived. I encourage community members to not only build stories based on the cultures I will outline, but to expand the world if they are so inspired. The map, when it’s “completed” and scanned in, will have dark places (“Here be dragons!”).

The basics: I would like to build a high-fantasy world with a low-fantasy feel. That is, a world where the supernatural and magical can happen, where non-human races do exist; however, you cannot go down to the local wizards guild and hire a powerful sorcerer. Magic and demi-humans should inspire awe in the common citizen.

At this time, I have not established any demi-human races.

A map will be posted.

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